Over 10% of the worlds prescriptions drugs are counterfeit, costing pharmaceutical companies over $35B in lost revenue per annum. Additionally, Pharmaceutical companies risk liability by not providing anti-tamperproof packaging. The impact of one incident involving counterfeit drugs has the potential to impact there brand by changing the way consumers feel about their product. RFIDTECH has developed a unique solution, that enables the tracking of batches and identification of fake product in real time thus enabling Pharmaceutical companies to cut out revenue loss, protect their brand and enable them to quickly and effectively manage recalls throughout the supply chain..

RFIDTECH’s Solution

RFIDTECH’s unique solution includes;

  • A low cost 24 bit RFID barcode which can be incorporated into the Pharmaceutical packaging when it is manufactured.
  • A large RFID barcode reader that can be added to a conveyor enabling the tracking of batches in despatch and within distributors.
  • RFIDTECH ControlPoint provides reporting functionality, incident notification via email and sms, realtime dashboard display, as well as integration in the legacy ERP system.


RFIDTECH’s Anti-counterfeit Pharma solution is based on Chipless RFID Technology.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that is becoming more and more popular in our everyday lives. The current passive RFID technology utilises a silicon chip that is attached to an antenna, which makes up a high proportion of the cost of the current passive RFID tag. Chipless RFID has long been seen as the means of overcoming the “chipped” RFID cost disadvantage which has restricted its use to several billion tags per year.

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Video Description

‘World’s First RFID Barcode’ RFIDTECH’s Anti-Counterfeiting Pharmacy system utilises Australian developed chipless RFID technology.


  • RFIDTech is proud to present our solution to tackling a $35 billion drug counterfeit problem.  Chipless RFID technology provides a covert way of tracking individual packages within the supply chain and the tags can be read through cardboard, paper, and most plastics.


    Jose Torres Diaz

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Jose Torres Diaz to the role of Product Manager.

    Jose Torres Diaz is responsible for delivering RFIDTECH’s RFID products and solutions. He has substantial experience in managing the end to end[...]