About us

RFIDTECH is an Australian-based RFID technology company that is developing chipless RFID technology to provide a quantum reduction in cost of the RFID tag. The unique RFID barcode is read only, but will retain the key RFID benefits being able to read many tags at once and without line of sight.

Chipless RFID Technology is set to change the way many industries and markets operate and RFIDTECH looks forward to enabling this change.

The group has 65 employees and a large in-house Research and Development laboratory, along with a history of developing integrated RFID-based hardware and software solutions.

Robert Reed


Robert can look back to over 30 years in business and has been involved in many successful start-ups. Currently Robert is the Chairman of Forms Express and CEO of

HealthRFID and RFIDTech. FE Technologies was founded and owned by Robert in 2007 and sold in 2014. Since 2009 Robert has worked closely together with Monash University to develop the chipless technology and is driving RFID technology for different industries and use-cases. Robert is also a founding member of ICT Geelong

Jose Torres Diaz

Product Manager

Jose has a track record in new product development and in the management and delivery of commercialisation projects to market. As Engineering Lead at Multiwireless and Senior Technical Manager for Movistar, Jose has been exposed to numerous RFID and M2M systems. He was also Project Advisor at the University of South Australia, working on the National Wireless Sensor Project.

Jose Torres Diaz is responsible for delivering our RFIDTECH’s RFID products and solutions. He has substantial experience in managing the end to end design, implementation and support of high quality customer focused products and services.