Our Products

Over 10% of the worlds prescriptions drugs are counterfeit, costing pharmaceutical companies over $35B in lost revenue per annum. Additionally, Pharmaceutical companies risk liability by not providing anti-tamperproof packaging. The impact of one incident involving counterfeit drugs has the potential to impact there brand by changing the way consumers feel about their product. RFIDTECH has developed a unique solution, that enables the tracking of batches and identification of fake product in real time thus enabling Pharmaceutical companies to cut out revenue loss, protect their brand and enable them to quickly and effectively manage recalls throughout the supply chain.

RFIDTECH’s Anti-counterfeit solution includes RFIDTECH Large Reader, RFID Barcode tags and RFIDTECH ControlPoint.

RFIDTECH Large Reader

The RFIDTECH Large Reader includes an android display. The 22-26.5 GHz reader reads tags from between 3-10 cms within 0.2 of a second. The reader communicates with RFIDTECH ControlPoint using 3G, Ethernet or WiFi.


The RFID Barcode tags are 24 bit tags, that are made from low cost, aluminium on BOPP (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene). The tags are supplied in reels of 1000 with the tags being one wide.

RFIDTECH Control Point

The ControlPoint Server is the core of our RFIDTech’s tracking system. It manages the end to end workflows and acts as management dashboard. It is cloud based, configurable to your business processes, enables notification via SMS and email and integrates with your legacy ERP system.