Our Technology

100s of billions of barcodes are produced every day. Barcodes have the advantage of being standardised among so many industries

RFID is increasing in use in industry as an alternative to the bar code. With Chipless RFID technology being a fraction of the cost of current silcon or chipped based RFID technology, this use of RFID use is expected to significantly increase.

The current passive RFID technology, which utilises a silicon chip that is attached to an antenna whichmakes up a high proportion of the cost of the current passive RFID tag. Chipless RFID is made of aluminium foil on BOPP (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene ), and has long been seen as the means of overcoming the “chipped” RFID cost disadvantage which has restricted its use to several billion tags per year.

The RFIDTECH/Monash University development is unique in that it does not require printed circuits, with the tag design utilising a simple array pattern. The chipless RFID readers, utilises the 22 to 26.5 GHz range, and communication to the cloud based RFIDTECH ControlPoint system

Chipless RFID Technology is set to change the way many industries and markets operate and RFIDTECH looks forward to enabling this change.